What are the Benefits of Buying a Used Vehicle? Robinson Toyota Explains

What are the Benefits of Buying a Used Vehicle? Robinson Toyota Explains

Robinson Toyota knows that buying a brand new vehicle is not the right option for everyone. That is why our used car dealership in Jackson, Tennessee, which is conveniently located near Lexington and Milan, has many high-quality used vehicles for sale too! While some people may be hesitant to buy a pre-owned product, let us reassure you that we take great care of our collection. After all, we want you to have the value you deserve with your next purchase from our lot!

Some Benefits of Buying & Owning a Used Vehicle

Though new cars are enticing, believe it or not, their value depreciates rapidly. In fact, the average vehicle loses as much as 11% of value from the moment it leaves the lot. Over one year, it can even decrease in value by as much as 25%—and this downward trend only continues with every year that passes thereafter. That means a model that is only a few years old can be bought for nearly a third less than its original cost.

In much the same way that its overall price is reduced, so too is its financing rate. While brand new cars are often subject to a steep sales tax, most used cars are exempt from this rule. Registration fees tend to be much lower as well, which only adds to your savings! In other words, a used car is more affordable than newer counterparts, which is largely the reason why many drivers opt to buy used every year.

But affordability is not the only advantage. Though we are a new Toyota dealer, our used inventory features plenty of models from other top automakers. That gives prospective buyers even more options to consider! So whether you want a sedan, a truck, or an SUV, you can find a mode of transportation most suitable for your lifestyle with no trouble at all.

With these factors in mind, it is easy to see how buying a used vehicle is as good an option as buying a new one. So if you are down on the dollar, buying your first model, or want to keep monthly rates low, then this may be the perfect option for you! Check out our inventory, and when you find a used model that strikes your fancy, come on out from Jackson, Dyersburg, and surrounding areas to our dealership for a test drive!

February 20, 2017
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